Since the beginning of my artistic and academic studies I began to consolidate my interest both in thought, approached from the immateriality of the art object, and in the gestures of immanence that feed my constant reflections on the surrounding landscape, meaning everything that insinuates the existence and awareness of the self and the other. These thematic areas unite in a field of conceptual experiments, where the use of language expands as a dichotomy between reality and imagination. In other words, the essence of my work is constructed from the balance of philosophical and poetic interstices; it is my strategy to bring various techniques, approaches and thoughts into dialogue, to raise and work on existentialist questions in order to grasp their profound roots. In this way, the aim is to narrow the gap between the contemplating entity and the contemplated entity.

My first investigations aimed to draw attention and recognize the greatness of those whom the armed conflict in my native country has relegated, exiled and forgotten. From then on, my work explored the way in which art pertinently infiltrates the lives of vulnerable and sensitive contexts. My most recent works represent an intuitive exploration around these of these very subjects and experiences, integrating them into the digital language of contemporary media in dialogue with language in its pure form; always from an ongoing state and process of perception that questions, from an attitude of growing skepticism, the approach to reality (something I call subversive reality). Ultimately, I perceive my works as vestiges that become iconic presences when projected as vanished fragments and broken strands of memories.

Esteban Sánchez (Bogotá, Colombia 1982)
Transdisciplinary artist – processual art

Esteban Sánchez began his studies and academic interests in art attending Pratt Institute New York, Purchase College (SUNY) and Westchester Community College (SUNY) and completed his graduate studies in 2010 at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Thanks to an art scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), he studied since 2011 as a guest in the postgraduate program at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM). His academic career is complemented by a master’s degree in philosophy from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (University of Excellence) in 2021. As an independent artist and experimental researcher, Esteban Sánchez addresses themes that border between the areas of philosophy and art, focusing on reflections on media and their contemporary understanding, drawing as thought, sculpture as landscape, sound as materiality and language as a dichotomy between reality and imagination. His works have been exhibited in renowned museums, institutions and contemporary art galleries in the cities of Bogotá (COL), Cartagena (COL), Medellín (COL), Santa Marta (COL), Havana (CUB), Bilbao (ESP), Bochum (GER), Bonn (GER), Cologne (GER), Frankfurt am Main (GER), Leipzig (GER), Soest (GER), London (GB), Budapest (HUN) and Oporto (POR). Esteban Sánchez currently lives and works in Cologne.

Curriculum Vitæ

Academic Formation

10.2017 – 11.2021

Philosophy (Master of Arts). Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (Exzellenzuniversität), Germany.

06.2011 – 09.2012

Guest student at the postgraduate programme in Media Arts (DAAD Scholarship for Art in Creation and Research). Academy of Media Arts. Cologne, Germany.

07.2003 – 03.2010

Maestro in Fine Arts. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.

Solo & Duo Exhibitions


AUF DEN FELDERN DER ZEIT. Matjö – Raum für Kunst | Kulturwerk des BBK Köln e.V., Germany.


VIDA. Action in public space. Bonn, Germany.


(DE)MATERIALIZE, with Timo Herbst. Kunstraum Ortloff. Leipzig, Germany.


GOODBYE – PERFORMANCE, with Kate Hattley. Atelierhaus des Bonner Kunstvereins. Bonn, Germany. 


SIGA, ESTA ES SU CASA. /CHAPTER 3, with Clemens Baldszun. Atelierhaus des Bonner Kunstvereins. Bonn, Germany.




DETENERSE A RESPIRAR, with Natalia La Reina. Galería de exposiciones, Centro Colombo Americano Bogotá, Colombia.

SUSPIRĬUM “C’est la vie”. Galería de exposiciones, Centro Colombo Americano Bogotá, Colombia.

Collective Exhibitions (Selection)


AUFBRUCH | UMBRUCH. Museum Wilhelm Morgner & Künstlerhaus im Paulipark – Kulturparlament Soest e.V., Germany.


OPEN#1 – VORUM VIKTORIABAD. Museumsstudien der Universität Bonn in Kooperation mit dem Stadtmuseum Bonn, Germany.


POSSIBILITIES ON PAPER. Galerie fiebach, minninger. Cologne, Germany.

ENTERVENTIONALE#2020, Kunsthistorisches Institut der Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany. 


TRACING ECHOES, fffriedrich Galerie. Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

TIERRA FIRME, Travesía. Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez. Bogotá, Colombia.


BEHAUSUNG, Künstlerforum Bonn, Germany.

DIE AUFTEILUNG DES RAUMES, Q18 – Quartier Am Hafen. Cologne, Germany.


72 STUNDEN AUSSTELLUNSPROJEKT, jungekunstfreunde & Bunker k101. Freunde des Wallraf-Richartz Museums und des Museum Ludwig. Cologne, Germany.

TEXTOUR. Künstlerforum Bonn/ArtQuartier Budapest, Germany/Hungary.


INS OFFENE. Hommage an den Zeichner von Nippes. A.C. Kunsthalle. Cologne, Germany.

I AM NOT PERFORMING. Opekta Ateliers Cologne, Germany.


PRESENCIAS Y AUSENCIAS. Transversus, Santuario San Pedro Claver. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

LINEAS COLOMBIANAS. Art & Partners, Casa Embajada de España. Bogotá, Colombia.


VANISHING POINTS. Guest Projects. London, United Kingdom.


THE OCEAN AND THE RIVER. Lófte. Karat – Maus Hábitos. Porto, Portugal.

KARAT KATAR KRAAT AKTRA. Karat ist draußen. Cologne, Germany.


5° premio ARTE-JOVEN. Embajada de España, Colsanitas. La Central. Bogotá, Colombia.

LEER_STELLE. C60 + Minus1Experimentallabor der KHM Köln, Urbane Künste Ruhr. Rotunde- Alter Bochumer Hauptbahnhof. Bochum, Germany.

HOW DO YOU KNOW I LIKE MUSHROOMS?, John Cage “AMERICA”. Acht Brücken Festival. Music für Köln. Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Germany.


10 FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LA IMAGEN. Media Art. Universidad de Caldas. Manizales, Colombia.

INTERMEDIOS 2 “Medios – Naturaleza – Cultura”. Seminario teórico internacional. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.

LADY ZORRO: Devoción por un ídolo. Bastardo™: Imperio de Culto Visual. Bogotá, Colombia.


MATERIAL E INMATERIALIDAD, “Procesos y Nuevas Prácticas Artísticas Contemporáneas”. Instituto Superior de Arte, Universidad de las Artes. La Habana, Cuba.

BIENAL DE VENECIA DE BOGOTÁ 7, grupo TÄI. Bienal de Venecia de Bogotá (Project Director), Colombia.

PERFOARTNET 2010, Bienal Internacional de Performance (Cultural Managment). Bogotá, Colombia. 

SONARE. Museo Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Colombia.

LABORATORIO EXPERIMENTAL DE PERFORMANCE. Fundación Wajá – Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano Bogotá, Colombia.

PLATAFORMA. Laboratorio de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología. Galería Santa Fe. Bogotá, Colombia.

9 FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LA IMAGEN. Puentes Sonoros. Manizales, Colombia.

50 FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DE CARTAGENA (FICCI). Categoría Videoarte. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.


ZONA DE DISTENSIÓN PORTÁTIL. Cumbre Mundial De Paz. Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango. Bogotá, Colombia.

INTEMEDIOS “El Arte En Lugar De Los Medios”. Seminario teórico internacional. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.

MITO Y REALIDAD. Museo Bolivariano de Arte Contemporáneo, Santa Marta, Colombia.

PEQUEÑAS CUESTIONES / GRANDES CUESTIONES. Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño. Bogotá, Colombia.


MITO Y REALIDAD. Casa Simón Bolívar. La Habana, Cuba.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR, grupo nadieøpina. Museo de Arte, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.


XXXIV SALÓN FRANCISCO ANTONIO CANO. Museo de Arte, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.

II SALON UNIVERSITARIO ASAB. Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá, Colombia.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR, grupo nadieøpina. Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Colombia.


XXXIII SALÓN FRANCISCO ANTONIO CANO. Museo de Arte, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.


SIN EQUIPAJE, Mario Opazo. (Asistente de Dirección) Película digital, 60 min. Sala Los Acevedo, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Colombia.

MIGRACIONES. Auditorio León De Greiff, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.



NEUSTART KULTUR-Scholarship for Independent Artists (2nd edition). Stiftung Kunstfonds (Germany)

2021 – 2020

Art Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)


Invited artist to the Colombian art project in Antarctica. COLOMBIAN ANTARCTIC PROGRAMME & Pedro Vicente Maldonado Research Facility (Colombia/Antarctica)


Artist-in-residence and artist exchange programme – TEXTOUR. Künstlerforum Bonn/ArtQuartier Budapest (Germany/Hungary)


Atelier Grant. Bonner Kunstverein (Germany)


THE OCEAN AND THE RIVER. Karat – Maus Hábitos Art Residency. Porto (Portugal)


DAAD Scholarship for Art in Creation and Research. German Academic Exchange Service (Germany)

Honourable Mention, 10 FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LA IMAGEN. Manizales (Colombia)


Honourable Mention, XXXIII SALÓN FRANCISCO ANTONIO CANO. Museo de Arte, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá (Colombia)